Whether in-person, virtual, temporary or permanent, let MadChar Media help you find the perfect candidate. We take great
pride in our screening process to ensure your candidates are experienced, educated, and ready to work.

Types of Staffing Agencies. There are different types of employment agencies, and you can enlist the services of any agency depending on your recruitment needs. The ideal kind of agency for you will depend on the type of job that you’re looking for, your work history, your geographical location, and your flexibility in staffing or getting hired.

Traditional Employment Agencies. Traditional staffing agencies help in connecting candidates to employers. These agencies also assist employees who are seeking jobs by providing them with staffing services that help them in finding an ideal employer. Such employment agencies may charge job seekers and employers some fee to help them find a job or an employer. Most of these job agencies specialize in specific industries.

Temp Agencies. Do you need a temporary job or are you offering a temporary job? If so, then you should seek the staffing services of a temp agency. These are employment and recruitment agencies, which connect employees to employers who offer temporary jobs. Temporary employers are often hired during seasonal increases in business to provide more labor. These agencies may also help your company to get short-term professional consultants.

Executive or Retained Search Firm. Retained search firms are a kind of staffing agency that holds exclusive relations with a employer. Such staffing agencies often get hired to seek senior and executive-level searches for a specified period. The agencies
source and contact the prospective candidates or even talk to executives who aren’t in the active pursuit of employment. The firms can entice such potential executives to leave their current jobs and join new employers. These firms are often referred to as “headhunters.” These ‘headhunters’ get paid for their services and an extra percentage of the employee’s salary. The executive search firms conduct a thorough background search on all prospective employees, and they can do the recruitment process on your
company’s behalf before referring the employee to your company. 


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