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  • Flexibility
    MarChar Media enables you to modify your organization's customer support services to meet the demands of your business or clients. Our nationwide network of partners helps us prioritize scheduling and service to your clients.
  • Customer Experience
    MadChar Media, LLC produces real results in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. We ensure each of our client exceptional agents by having each agent work a minium of 6 months with inbound Customer Service calls. Each agent has a distint talent and back by proven metrics to ensure your agent will be cost effective, accountable, and work diligently for your needs
  • Security and Reliablity
    MadChar Media, LLC strives to protect you and your client's senstive data with cloud based technology and operates on a protected platform. Each agent is required to pass a background and drug test prior to being hired as a direct client support agent. We always have two agents on for each client. No more sick days or holidays missed as we make sure our agents are available and reliable. When you need us we are only a phone call away
  • Cost-Efficiency
    MadChar Media can help you achieve lower costs and increased productivity by leveraging our service partners nation-wide for what you need, when you need it, regardless of where your business operates.
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